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Smoking in public places should be banned essay

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Essay on Smoking in public places should be banned essay

It will not be wrong to say people who smoke publicly are a bad example. Children in their growing stages are easily influenced as they copy people around them since they can’t differentiate between good and bad. They take things as the manner in which things should be when they observe the activities around them. Teens begin to smoke by accepting smoking in public as a point of reference.  “Monkey sees monkey do” is a colloquialism that implies that people copy the activities of others as they see it in their everyday routines. Youngsters end up reasoning that smoking makes an individual “cool.” On seeing adults smoking on the roads, it makes them believe in the “coolness” of smoking which actually isn’t true. They start believing in the fact that smoking imprints their progress in development and adulthood which also isn’t true. Thus, it impacts youngsters badly, and they begin to smoke. 

If the current smoking circumstances aren’t amended, the loss of life for lung and heart diseases and deaths due to cancer will continue to increase gradually. To make everyone live a healthy life, the government should enact a ban on smoking in public areas. It shields each resident from numerous diseases and health problems like deadly cancer and other dangerous diseases. besides that, the ban will dispose of the bad example set stronghold by people smoking in public places. This will implement a mindset among teenagers and children that smoking is bad. This band will prevent many other non-smokers from starting smoking and help them not get addicted to cigarettes. Smokers will be encouraged to quit smoking. Consequently, prohibited smoking in public places will stop negatively affecting the environment, and people will start living a healthy and full life. People will be encouraged to live a quality life and take care of others along with themselves. Therefore, banning smoking in public will make people think it is a step by the government for a healthier lifestyle and will eventually make people remind that health care is necessary and make them feel that government is concerned about the good health and long life of its citizens. 

Lastly, banning smoking in public places, eliminating passive smoking will benefit in different ways like growing teenagers and children wouldn’t even think of picking this doomed habit. No chance will be left of copying thing smoking habit by youngsters or adolescents. On the other hand, the environment will also be protected when there is no release of harmful gases from cigarettes, and no cigarette butts will be seen in the surroundings. Smoke from this cigarette kills thousands of non-smokers as these gases in the smoke make it difficult for people to breathe and cause serious problems. Even though they don’t smoke cigarettes themselves, but they breathe in the air, which is full of harmful gases. Plants are also badly affected by the smoke in the environment. Thus, the only way to stop all this is that smoking should be banned in public.

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