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Advantages and disadvantages of work from home essay

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Advantages and disadvantages of work from home

With the persistence of the pandemic for almost two years, a new work culture has evolved that is “work from home.” It was prevalent earlier also but in limited jobs involving late-night schedules because of the different time zones in the case of global companies. But, now work from home culture is spreading its wings in national companies and has become the “new normal” nowadays. 


1. Flexible timings of working:

You can schedule your working hours as per your convenience. If you have to be present in the office physically, your household work at times suffers, but in working from home, so long as you meet your deadlines, nobody will question you. 

2. No restriction on clothing:

You can choose your attire that suits your comfort level. Nobody will be around you to judge your dressing sense.

3. The flexibility of place of work:

“Work from home” doesn’t necessarily mean working directly from home. You can execute your work from anywhere, be it a coffee shop, a park, or a beach. Even on vacations, you can deliver your work assignments from the hotel or resort you are staying in.

4. Money and time saving: 

Working from home essentially means saving money on the conveyance for employees and saving money on staff and infrastructure for companies. Thus this is a win-win situation from both ends. Not only this, you practically save a lot of your travel time too.

5. Productivity and work-life balance:

While working from home, you can spend more time with your family, kids, and parents. It creates a work-life balance and increases your productivity.


1. Many distractions:

While working from home, it is difficult to concentrate at work as there are lots of distractions, and it becomes difficult for you to work for 4-5 hours at a stretch. Even in the middle of your work, you may have to do some household chores, take care of your kids or elderly parents and even attend to guests. It may impact your quality of work negatively.

2. Increased telecom or internet bills:

Due to long teleconferencing calls, and more internet use, you have to pay the increased bill because you have to manage all the tasks from home.

3. Lack of communication:

Since all the employees are not working under the same roof, it creates a lack of synchronization in the work front which becomes a hindrance in achieving the organizational goals.

4. Lack of physical activity:

Working from home makes a person lazy, and less active which is a health concern too. You may become a couch potato and develop the unhealthy habit of munching junk foods while working.

5. Overworking or underworking:

In a work from home scenario, due to lack of proper schedule, you may sometimes overwork without taking a break or sometimes do less work due to other engagements and may not realise it.

It is, therefore, mandatory to device a proper work schedule even while working from home to achieve personal success as well as organisational goals. Advantages and disadvantages of work from home

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