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An essay on women empowerment in english

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An essay on women empowerment in english

🇮🇳 An essay on women empowerment in english“ This essay written for children and college students of all classes and for various other competitive exams like SSC, Bank PO, Railway SSB etc.

The word women empowerment has a great significance and is made up of two words that is women and empowerment where empowerment means giving power and authority to someone. Empowering women means giving authority, power, role and equal opportunity in all the fields to women without any discrimination.

In the older times, men were considered as the superior power over women and he is the head of the family as he earns a livelihood for all family members. Also men are responsible for taking all the decisions in the family while women are only for household work and taking care of others and not allowed to talk about family matters and decision making. Women are considered just for their reproductive life, body and as a worker in the house .

In today’s time also, the condition of women is almost the same and are  not given equal opportunity in most of the fields and just considered as a thing of use also no one is talking about giving power in their hand that’s why there is a great need for empowering women and improve their place in the society as without this we can’t think about the total or full development of the society.

Women empowerment is that process which makes women feel powerful, happy, dignified and that leads them to a respectful life. It can be done by giving opportunities to them in various fields like education, job , lifestyle and decision making,etc. When women are allowed to make decisions of their own life they feel very much empowered and independent and this leads to a better environment and society and a step to a greater growth as when both men and women are working they both will contribute to the economy of the country.

The history also witnessed the ill- treatment of women. Female foeticide, sati pratha, and early marriage were on the peak in the ancient times. In the present times also domestic violence, rape , forcing for dowry , acid attack, honour killing and henious crimes are even prevelent in the society . Women are forced to work according to the men’s wills and treated as materialistic things. She is not provided to live with proper dignity, equivalence to men and respect . They are always called inferior to men so they have to work accordingly. 

Women is the main part of society even in the numbers but due to female foeticide the girls birth rate is even lower than the boys which also impact the sex ratio of the country. Even the literacy rate among girls is very low and they are not even provided with the primary education and are forced to marry at an early age . Due to being uneducated most of the women and girls are not aware about their rights and keep following the old rituals and living a life in hell conditions. Not in the households only women are also discriminated in the workplaces also and are given lower salary for the same work. 

So the new generation has brought change in the society and built up a better environment and future along with women and their role that will help in the development of the country also. Women can be empowered in many ways like through the government schemes and also on the basis of individual efforts and support.

Government had launched various schemes like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Mahila Shakti Kendra, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, Working women hostel, etc to empower women. Government also made several laws to stop the crime against women like ban on female foeticide, dowry , and strict punishment for the violators. Now even in the rape cases also the highest punishment that is sentence to death can be given .

On the individual level we should respect women, provide equal opportunities, salary and support them in their decision. We have to raise our voices in support of women and their rights and should play our role as responsible citizens so that we can bring the change with collective efforts. These small steps and the urge for  change can definitely help women to feel empowered and dignified. 

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An essay on women empowerment in english

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