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Communication skills essay

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Communication skills essay

Communication is a way of interacting with people by exchanging one’s thoughts and ideas with others. It is a tool by which we can convey our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and needs to others to have a collectively acceptable solution. Good communication is something that will help us to develop a good connection with people. Whether we are students or professionals,  good communication can be the best tool to produce better results. It can help in the resolution of many problems and issues. One can’t survive without communication. The better we know to communicate with people, the better we interact with people, and the better are the outcomes produced. 

In communication, both receiver and the sender are involved, so it’s  a two-way process.  A fruitful communication is said to occur if the receiver gets the information In the same way the sender intended it. Effective communication is vital. In a doctor-patient conversation, if the patient can’t express every symptom of illness clearly, the doctor may misunderstand the problem. That may result in the worst case. Likewise, if a health care provider is a good speaker, he can relieve his colleagues by his words. Same  is the case with the student-teacher relationship. If a teacher is a good communicator, he can produce great personalities for the nation. And in the opposite case, it may result in significant loss of the nation. Students also need to be interactive in class. If a student feels shy to talk with the teacher, he may be depleting his future. Not only in these fields, but effective communication is a prima-facia requirement in every field, be it business, personal life, entertainment, or knowledge. 

Communication may be verbal or nonverbal. Oral includes spoken words, and non-verbal comprises of gestures and written ways. To gain knowledge, one can consult someone’s biography, magazines, newspapers, etc. The sources of entertainment include novels, newspapers, bulletins, online interactions, watching TV, talk shows, etc. Earlier, when languages were not invented, people used gestures to communicate. But with the development of language, gestures didn’t lose their value. These are still a powerful way of conversation. 

Reading is one of the most acceptable ways of communication. The more we read books, biographies, magazines, newspapers, novels, or something else, the more we gain knowledge, know more about people around us, get inspired by the personalities, and also entertain us. 

Since the lack of good communication can have many negative effects on our lives. It needs proper counselling and proper analysis to develop well communication skills. There are many ways by which a person can improve his communication skills. These include listening well, practicing writing skills, reading about the topic, attending some workshops. Nowadays, self-help books are also available that help to understand concepts easily. 

The need for communication in our lives can’t be neglected. It’s need of an hour. It helps in maintaining relationships, improving business and also enhances the way we operate through life. We must improve our Communication skills in order to sustain in society. 

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