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Essay on An Ideal Student

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Essay on An Ideal Student

The future of a country depends on an ideal student. Student life is a life of discipline, devotion, hard labour and preparation. It is the life of training duties of manhood. A student ought to be careful and sincere. The first duty of an ideal student is to keep his body healthy and active. A sound mind lives in a sound body. For that, he should take a keen interest in games and sports. He should also take physical exercise to keep his body fit. Physical exercises also help in the formation of character. Only a student who is physically fit can serve his country. An ideal student is never careless about his health and physical fitness.

An ideal student should be studious. You should devote a greater part of his time to studies. You must have a love for books and must go to the library to enhance your knowledge and wisdom. Such students live in the world of books and avoid all unnecessary work. His study is not to accept or reject but to weigh and consider. He worships truth and welcomes knowledge. He regards his elders and teachers so that they may shower flowers of blessing on him. He has firm faith in God. He prays to God just after getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night. 

An ideal student always tries to be a man of character. He believes in the maxim “wealth is lost nothing is lost health is lost something is lost but the character is lost everything is lost”. Things that the end of knowledge must be building up of character. To him, the character makes a man great. Of the opinion that character is required in all walks of life. besides, he thinks that a man should be morally good because a man with no moral values is not a man at all. Obedience to parents, respect for teachers, sympathy for the poor, love for all and ill will towards Men should be his chief moral ideals. He should be refined in taste, sweet in speech and polite in his attitude. You should know how to influence people and win friends, the spirit of tolerance, discipline and decency. He should have a civic sense and self-control. He must have a sweet temper, patience, wisdom and courage.

An ideal student must have a sense of social service, and social service should be the goal of his life. He is a servant of humanity, a builder of society and a soldier of peace. He ought to devote himself to the service of human beings. There are a lot of poor and needy people who need help for their survival. Therefore, an ideal student should devote his life to their service. The love to the needy is love to God. Vivekananda opined ” God helps those who help others “. An ideal student has no selfishness and narrowness. He spreads the light of education where there is no school of education. He protects the owner of women in floods of feminine, he raises funds interest to feed the hungry. He is always ready to help the suffers during natural calamities like floods, famine and earthquakes.

In our country, students are the hope of the future. They can help their country in different ways, they can help in achieving social freedom, they can bring Global importance to their country. An ideal student can develop in himself every moral and intellectual quality. He should try to strengthen himself physically, mentally and spiritually. He should try to become a good citizen of the country. He must love his country and should always be ready to sacrifice everything for the good of the nation. Our country needs such ideal students.

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