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Essay on Healing the Mother Earth

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Essay on healing the mother earth
Essay on healing the mother earth

Essay on Healing the Mother Earth

🇮🇳 Essay on healing the mother earth“ This essay written for children and college students of all classes and for various other competitive exams like SSC, Bank PO, Railway SSB etc.

“Essay on healing the mother earth” Sample 1:

Someone has rightly said that “Mother Nature is the mother of all mothers.” Like all mothers, mother nature is delighted to keep in touch with you whenever you are in need. Mother nature has the power to please, comfort, calm, and nurture one’s soul. In this sense, we can say that earth is our collective mother. It is, however, lacking on our part that we are reluctant towards the protection of our universal mother and don’t give proper attention to the healing of mother earth. 

We should commit to promoting harmony with nature to achieve a sustainable, and prosperous development of our society. Our biological mother has given birth to us but no less is the mother nature that has provided us an environment and resources for our growth and wellbeing. All of us owe a debt towards the mother earth which we must return to her in lieu of the uncountable favours she has provided to humans. But as a matter of fact, we have been very rude towards our so kind provider.

We are harming nature and its resources with our unjust and casual behaviour. Be it the greenery, the trees, the vegetation, the rivers, the ponds, the ocean, our conduct has been very harsh towards all of them. We throw tons and tons of garbage anywhere, we manufacture non-biodegradable products like plastics, we use technology in our appliances that generate harmful and toxic gases, that are causing ozone layer depletion leading to global warming, we are even generating radioactive wastes.

All these human activities are responsible for the ecological imbalance that will have a disastrous effect on nature and make the life of future generations miserable. Existing levels of global warming gets aggravated by increased water scarcity, vegetation loss, soil erosion, wildfire damage, coastal degradation, and crop yield declines

We believe that when things become out of control, nature itself devises some method for its rescue. This is exactly what happened in the last two to three years of the COVID 19 wave. During this period, we stayed locked down in our houses. Due to the imposition of quarantine, all the commercial activity that adversely affects the various important ecological parameters and human health came to a standstill. As all kinds of economic, social, industrial, and urbanization activity suddenly stopped, nature took advantage and depicted improvement in the quality of air, less noise pollution, cleaner rivers, uninterrupted and calm wildlife.

COVID-19 allowed nature to heal itself which resulted in a clear blue sky and clean air. It created a sense of optimism among humans towards a cleaner and healthier environment. The earth has been healing itself while we stayed locked down in our houses with all our nature damaging activities coming to a halt which came as a boon to mother earth to accelerate its healing process. This crisis was also an eye-opener making us realise that we can only preserve Mother Earth through a paradigm shift from a human-centric society to an Earth-centred global ecosystem. 

We must work together and do our bit to protect our planet and ecologies that affect every aspect of human life. We must prioritise the sustainable use of natural resources when chasing industrial growth – especially in agriculture and food production. We need to protect biodiversity in our climate action efforts, industrial practices, and urban development. When it comes to the healing of mother earth, we should leave no stone unturned to make our planet a better place to live.

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Essay on healing the mother earth

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