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Essay on My Best Friend for Students & Children

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Essay on My Best Friend for Students & Children
Essay on My Best Friend for Students & Children

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Essay on My Best Friend for Students & Children

🇮🇳 Essay on My Best Friend for Students & Children“ This essay written for children and college students of all classes and for various other competitive exams like SSC, Bank PO, Railway SSB etc.

In life’s journey, we meet many people, but rare sorts of people make imprints on us. A friend is one such person who can leave many impacts on our life. He can influence our life both positively as well as negatively. So, always choose a friend sensibly. It is crucial. I have got many friends in my life, but Simran is my best friend. I tested her many times, but she always came across my expectations. I feel very blessed to have a friend like her in life. 

Simran is an extraordinary person in my life as she has bought many positive impacts on my life. She helps me in every difficult situation and is always with me in my hard times. She lives in the same town where I dwell, and Luckily we are neighbours of each other. We also study in the same school and are classmates off each other. We are the part of each other’s lives for a long time and share many common features.

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That is why we have been so close to each other from our childhood. We go to school together in the morning and return home together in the evening. We enjoy every function and festival jointly with each other’s family and often visit each other’s homes. 

We do our homework and assignments mutually. She helps me in studying wherein I’m stuck. She is an intelligent student who always stands first in class. Teachers count her among the toppers in the school. She is exceptionally nice nat games and sports. She is full of leadership qualities and is always nominated by teachers whenever there is any activity or debate. She is an extremely kind and helpful person and is always ready to help others.

She is overloaded with the qualities of righteousness and always motivates other students to remain away from bad habits. She tackles every problem in a planned way without getting depressed. She always shows me the right way of living and guides me whenever I divert from the right path. We have taken in a ton of things from each other, and our friendship has become a class talk. 

Apart from moral qualities, she has a tall appearance with a beautiful blooming face. She is always well-dressed and well-maintained. She comes from noble family background. She always takes special care of her parents and other family members. She is the only person in the world who loves me like my parents and family members and is happy whenever I gain anything in life. The presence of her makes my life much easier to live.  

At last, I can say that I count myself among the fortunate people for having such a friend in my life. Her company is the most valuable thing in my life. I can’t lose her at any cost.

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10 Line on my Best Friend in English

  1. My best friend’s name is Divya Lodha.
  2. We go to the same school and are in the same class since Kindergarten.
  3. She is tall, chubby, and very cute. She has long hair.
  4. We like each other’s company and usually play together.
  5. She is very helpful and caring and respects everyone.
  6. We always share our lunch and snacks.
  7. We go to the same skating classes and usually eat ice cream after the class.
  8. She is very good at studies and helps me with my homework as well.
  9. She gifted me a ‘Best Friends’ cap on my last birthday. It is very special to me.
  10. I like her company very much and wish to be her friend all my life.
10 Line on my Best Friend in English
10 Line on my Best Friend in English

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Essay on My Best Friend for Students & Children

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