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Indian education and foreign education

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Essay on Indian education and foreign education

The real education of India is totally from today’s education system. In Indian education system the moral, ethical, social, political and spritual knowledge was provided by our ancestors and in foreign education the books which was written by scholars was there for knowledge.

     But now a days in foreign countries the subjects like Geeta, Ramayana and vedas is there for different courses and to gain knowledge and in Indian education we copied them learning the books written by scholars. After coping the foreign education system we are destroying our ethical and moral values. Our country was a developed country before 11th century because at that time the real Indian education system was there in our country. When Mughal and britishers ruled us then they destroyed our culture and education system. They defamed Indian education system by proving it useless and old. They applied there own education system in India. They destroyed many schools and universities in which ethical and cultural knowledge was provided. At that time India has best universities in all over the world. They destroyed Nalanda university in which the knowledge of whole universe was provided to the student. The language used in India for education was Sanskrit which is scientifically proved language and if we speak Sanskrit then many of human body disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes will be avoided and it is proved by an American professor. Now a days many foreign countries like France, Germany and America is continuously  adopting Indian education system in their universities for providing knowledge. In India today’s education system is destructive and unresultant and it is only due to political reason our government did not apply our old education system for vote bank from last 70 years.

     So we can say that the education system which was in India before 11th century should be again and it was the best education system of India.

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