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Will swacch Bharat campaign succeed?

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Essay on Will swacch Bharat campaign succeed?

Swacch bharat campaign is also known as clean India program. It is politics free campaign to clean the cities,towns,rural areas of India and to make a clean India. This program is started by our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi on 2nd October 2014,the 145th birthday of Father of nation Mahatma Gandhi with a promise to clean and make new India within 2nd October,2019. This campaign is launched to clean roads,streets, to make latrines in rural areas,to make people assure about sanitary program and many more plans are there. There was a huge participation from the normal people of the country.

Now more than 2 years have passed and obviously a question arises Will Swacch bharat campaign succeed or not. As we all know India is a developing counry and population of India is also quite large. More than 30% people of India lives below proverty level. They don’t get sufficient food. They lives in the roads. We can’t except cleanliness from these people. But if other 70% people takes this campaign seriously it is possible to change.

I think common people should take this campaign very seriously. They don’t need to clean the roads,streets, offices,schools and colleges. But they should start to clean their own house and the street infront of his house. I saw people to throw household garbage in the street. Inspite of doing that, if they dump it in the specific place it is possible to live in a clean locality. We all know cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Government should advertises the basic advantages of living in a clean city in rural areas. People who actively participating in this campaign can upload videos, photos in social media to inform others. As Sanitation is more important than Independence , this campaign has to be successful.

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