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Internet is boon or bane?


Essay on Internet is boon or bane?

Sample 1:

With the advancement in new technologies, the internet is being widely used by people. The Internet is said to be the network of networks, it was invented by the great scientist Tim Berners Lee. The Internet was invented for the purpose of making connections throughout the world. According to me, the Internet is a boon for the people living in this modern era.

There are many advantages of using the internet like anyone can communicate with any other person anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye. The usage of certain applications that we are using for communication like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Hyke, Skype, etc. is only possible by the use of the internet. India is becoming a developed country day by day and the main reason behind it is the Internet. India is the most populated country hence internet is being widely used here. Digital India is only possible with the use of the internet as without the internet most of the technology has no use. In Today’s world, every transaction is done digitally. From banking systems to online gaming, the internet is everywhere.

At least I only want to say that the Internet is said to be the need of the hour. In this world, people are ready to live without oxygen but they are not ready to live without the internet. The Internet has many disadvantages too if I say about children they become addicted to the internet, even a 5-year-old boy knows how to use the internet. This will affect their studies which can destroy their academic future too. The Internet also has irrelevant material available which is very harmful to the kid’s future. But in the end, I can surely say that the Internet has more advantages than disadvantages.

Sample 2:

The Internet is a great boon to us. The word internet is formed with two words interconnection and network. It is a network of many connected networks. It consists of different types of computers which spread over the world. One device shares messages and information easily with the help of the internet. Thus the internet transmits data such as pictures, texts, audio, and videos. These processes are done through satellite and other media.

The internet does not belong to a single authority as it is open and free for everyone. If some of the computers forming the network are out of order, the working of the network remains unaffected because the internet traffic can be re-routed.

Every computer on the network has a unique number called IP which is Internet Protocol which consists of four numbers between 0 and 255. These numbers are separated by dots. This address helps to identify each computer on the network. IP addresses are given to different internet services provided by organizations to assign IP addresses for a device. IP of each device is unique thus two devices of the same IP address cannot be found.

Everyone can avail the faculty of the Internet and can see the available resources. It opens a new horizon of communication in various forms. Email is used to send messages in letter form to internet users. Interactive Talk between two users is also possible virtually with the help of the internet. We can have audio and video conferences over the Internet.

As it is seen that a lot of data kept on the server can be accessed only on electronic devices with the help of the internet. Downloading of data from the devices from the server can be only possible with the help of the internet similarly we can upload data on the server too. In the developing world, it seems to be difficult to survive without the internet because a lot of Activities are possible because of internet facilities. The world of the Internet has helped a lot in the development of security, banking, e-commerce, education, defense, etc.

The revolution brought by the internet is in the field of e-commerce which stands for Electronic Commerce which means all translations take place electronically on the Internet. If you want to pay for a new or second-hand car clothing or grocery or even if you want to order food It is all possible on the Internet. In this tremendously developing world, the internet has played a vital role In the transfer of news, information, money, etc.

On the other hand, the internet acts as a bane when we see its other side. Hackers and crackers always have their eye on the Useful information kept on the web. The dark web, especially used by hackers, is one of the major problems for internet users. as dark web users Steal data from the users and ask for money as ransomware.

We are in an age of the internet. The internet has solved the problem of distance and communication. It is a source of information and enjoyment. The internet also has its Dark Side but saying its usefulness we can say that the internet is a boon or a bane.

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