Why books are important?


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Why books are important?

All of us are aware that friends are the most wonderful persons in life. Life in the absence of a companion is like a sky without sun. However, when a book is our friend, life becomes real fun. Books as a friend can be the best motivator and the best guide in life. Like a friend, books don’t make us feel alone. They always provide us with something new to learn that supplements our knowledge. The motivational and inspirational books written by professional and experienced authors help us choose the right direction in life. They boast our minds with good thoughts and help us become kind human beings. 

Why books are important?

Books are best friends in our life. No matter what the condition is, we will always find a book there to help us. These bring positive thoughts to our minds. And provide us a way to strong moral principles. Thus, making us a person of value. Also, Perusing great books makes us a superior individual, that too without lecturing excessively. Books also rescue us from misfortunes and inconveniences of life. Same as friends, these help us combat the worst in life by diverting our attention from our difficulties. 

Books make us intelligent and can be regarded as our best educators. We can see a lot of logical demonstrations that prove the essence of books in the development of humanity. From a  vocabulary lift to great researches, and from solving the queries of mind to the treatment of deadly diseases, the significance of books in our life can be weighed in each part of daily life. Unlike humans, books don’t raise questions. But, rather they provide answers to our questions of mind and soul. As indicated by John Green, “Fantastic books help you with comprehension, and they help you with feeling comprehended.”

Books are also unbiased. We can find books consistently loyal to us. We didn’t need any specific time to read books. We can read them anytime in any place. As per the view of Stephen King, “Books are the extraordinarily portable charm.” 

Books make us understand the essence of emotions and sentiments in day-to-day existence. They are more persistent than humans. They make us able to feel emotions and instruct us to handle that sometimes sadness isn’t wrong. Sometimes books make us laugh, sometimes make our day, and sometimes alleviate the spirit as our closest companion does. 

Many self-help books help us to come out from the conditions of demoralization, discouragement, and low self-confidence. They can boost our confidence level. Books provide us with a different way to see the world. These bring countless viewpoints and perspectives together, thus, widening our perspectives. Books also offer us a chance to add to our imagination power. They also educate us about our past. 

Lastly, people who have books as friends are creative, highly knowledgeable, kind-hearted, Self-confident, imaginative. They have the best communication skills, great vocabulary, and broad perspectives of seeing the world around them. Whether child or adult, every person should make books as their friends and depredate its benefits.

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