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Write a Letter to Municipal Corporation Officer to increase the number of frequency of Bus Service in your area. Hint:Municipal, Corporation, increase, Bus Service

Municipal Corporation

ABC Road Turn

Patna, Bihar

4th April 2021

College of Arts

XYZ Bazar 

Patna, Bihar

To Municipal Officer,

Subject – Request to increase the frequency of buses

This letter is written to Municipal Corporation of Patna regarding the less number of buses in our locality, near Main Market.

We have more than 50 residential houses and most of the residence use the transport of bus as a way to travel to work or market because of its cheap and convenient service. because of less number of buses in the area we have to wait for long hours for the bus to arrive. Most of the buses go with many extra passengers which is unsafe too.

It is requested to the corporation to increase the number of buses to double which would save the time of passenger and ensure that extra passengers are not in the bus.

Yours Sincerely

Shagun Mehta

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