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best friends make the good times better & hard times easier

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best friends make the good times better hard times easier

It is fully correct to say that best friends make the good times better and hard times easier. There is a proverb,”  A friend in need is a friend indeed”. In reality, the best friend is one who visits his friend at the time of his happiness as well as at the time of his hardship. Whenever a person is in a happy mood, he searches for a friend to share his Joy with. If his friend visits him at that time, his joy knows no bounds. it means his good time turns into better time. if Someone finds himself in difficulty, hi such as none but his friend. It is a friend who tries his best to comfort his friends’ problem.

There are two types of friends –  a fair weather friend and a true or sincere friend. There are some who become familiar with somebody. such persons may even become business partners of someone. When such people find their business partner in Crisis, they keep themselves isolated and go away. These types of people are called fair-weather friends. There is also another kind of friend- true friend. A true friend loves his friend from the core of his heart. In his eyes, his friend is the most trustworthy friend in the world. In his view, his friend is a subject to admiration. Just as he comes to know that his friend is with deep distressed, he immediately starts for his friend to solve his problem. He remains restless unless his friend is free from anxiety. If his friend is wounded, he takes him to hospital and serves him day and night.  If his friend has money problems, he helps him by giving him money. when he knows that someone very clear to his friend has passed away, he feels pained at heart.

On the other hand It is seen that a true friend visits his friend at the time of happiness too. Like when a marriage ceremony takes place at the home of his friend must definitely visit him to help his friend in every way. Also on other auspicious occasions as he takes himself to his friends.

In the modern age, most of our familiar people are fair weather friends. This share our joys but go away in our times of difficulty. Therefore, we shouldn’t trust such persons. such people don’t have love for us. They don’t wish to help us in any way. such persons can deceive us anytime. It is our foolishness to have faith in them. So we can say that they are like snakes hidden under grass. On the other hand, we should believe in our sincere friends. Our sincere friends can never deceive us; they can never shake our belief in them.  They are our dearest ones. We should give them more importance than any person in the world. 

If our friends are ready to help us, we should also be ready to help them. We can conclude by saying that friendship is a priceless gem. True friends are the boon of the Almighty. It can’t be compared to anything in the world. A true friend is a symbol of love and sacrifice. The most fortunate person in the world is one who has some true friends. such a person will have no scarcity. To get help, he will have to search non accept his true friends. We know that light and darkness cannot coexist. In the same way a person with true friends and difficulty cannot live together. True friends are like the Lighthouse. just as the Lighthouse shows the way to ships in the same way our best friend brings us the right path. Hence, we can conclude that the best friend make the good time better and the hard time easier.

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