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illiteracy is cause of all issues in society

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illiteracy is cause of all issues in society

There can’t be two opinions regarding the fact that illiteracy is the cause of all issues in society. Education, as we know, is the most powerful weapon in this world. It differentiates human beings from  animals. On the other hand, illiteracy is one of the curses. It creates a number of problems.

Modern age is an age of advancement in all fields. an educated person can use weapons, instruments and technological devices in the proper way but illiterate persons can’t. Educated person can help in the development of their country and Society. illiterate persons have no contribution in the development of  their country.

illiteracy is the cause of all evils in society. In our society, there are a number of evils. The dowry system is still going on. Incidents of theft, robberies and snatching are to be seen almost everywhere. These evils are the result of illiteracy. We can’t say that all educated people are socially and morally good. but we know that most illiterate persons are socially backward and are responsible for most of the evils prevailing in our society.

Illiteracy is the cause of the dowry system too. It has become a problem today. In every family, there are girls.So every family has to suffer sooner or later. an Indian girl can choose a husband for herself. No doubt some educated persons also believe in the dowry system. but this level is the result mainly of illiteracy.

Illiteracy is also the cause of population growth. One of the major problems that faces the world today is the rapid growth in the population of this world. Population growth has risen rapidly. Experts predict that by 2025, population growth in India will take the form of population explosion that will cause serious problems of Hunger, overcrowding and  environmental pollution. Undoubtedly such conditions will be the result of illiteracy. Educated persons believe in small families. But uneducated people believe in large families. They give birth to more and more children. Consequently they lack even essential facilities. They find it harder to let their children go to school because of financial issues. In case of illness, they can’t spend money on treatment properly. They can’t provide Wholesome food for their children. besides, they remain poor. We know that poverty itself is a social evil. an extremely poor person is bound to get involved in lawless acts.

Illiteracy causes ignorance. No doubt, India is getting fast growth in the field of education. The condition of women is changing rapidly. Though the condition of women in the present century is changing fast, the condition of women is still not good. Many people in our country don’t like to send their girls to schools and colleges. The result of such thinking of their is that women remain ignorant. Such women don’t know the value of education. They don’t even know what is happening in the country and in foreign lands.

Pardah system is an another evil. Women living in villages. In the past women were treated as they were slaves. Even today most of the women living in villages are treated in the same way. They don’t have courage to come out of their house alone. They have to depend on men in their family. Although they don’t like to live within the walls of their house, they aren’t free to come out of their houses when they wish.

We can say that illiteracy is the cause of all issues in society. Our society can’t develop unless illiteracy is eliminated. For fast growth of the country, the elimination of illiteracy is essential. Illiteracy is a blot on the face of a society or nation. Western countries have developed due to high literacy rates. India too can develop fast if all the people of India are illiterate.

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