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When will the Indian Women be Safe?

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When will the Indian Women be Safe?

First will discuss what was the position of women in ancient times. In ancient times, women had equal position and equal rights. in the then society, they weren’t regarded as inferior ones. They couldGo anywhere they liked to. Their position changed in the medieval period. They lost their honourable position.  they were regarded as slaves. During Islamic rule over India, Indian women were confined inside the four walls of their houses. Even during English rules, there was no improvement in their position. This condition of the Indian women continued upto 1947 when India got freedom.

A great change came in their position after independence. The Indian Constitution has given equal rights to women in all fields of life.

They have been given equal voting rights. In the political field, women are playing a successful  role.In medical field too, They are holding high posts. in the educational field, many a woman are teachers, principals and lecturers. Some of the Indian women have respectable names in the field of Space Science and few names from them are Sunita Williams and Kalpana Chawla. Now we should have a glance on their position, we find that their position is not sound and safe. Their exploitation is on in their respective houses and offices. The dowry system has not been fully eliminated.  Due to the dowry system, several women are turned out of their houses. Some of them are even burnt to death. In a remote area, their position is very diploralable.Almost everyday, there are reports in daily newspaper about rape cases and snatching. Even qualified women are insecure at their working places.

Now the question arises when and how will Indian women be safe. Indian women’s can be safe  if and only if society will change its Outlook towards women. our society has been very crucial to  women. It is not given due to respect to them. If does like this, Indian women will come out of their houses and will be aware of the methods to keep themselves safe.

Spread of education among women in general is necessary to keep them safe. No doubt, women in large numbers are receiving education. Still there are a lot of women devoid of education. Education makes someone aware of the evils of society. But an educated woman is aware of these evils. If they are educated they can save themselves from these evils.

The Indian women must know their rights and duties. The Indian women should be given opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. If they get a chance to participate in outward activities, they will surely know of the evils  and will try to keep themselves safe.

Wise and necessary steps of the government are expected for the safety of women. If necessary, amendments should be brought in the constitution for the safety of women. As we see, powerful culprits responsible for insecurity of women roam freely and they are scarcely punished. This is a very think worthy condition. Culprits need immediate punishment for their wrong doings. If they were given severe punishment, other culprits would hesitate from offensive acts to women. Unsafety of women is a blot on the face of our civilized society. Their unsafety is a hurdle in the way of our society or nation. In the end, we can say that the safety of Indian women is necessary for the progress of our nation. 

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