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Effects of Mobiles on teens

Essay on Effects of Mobiles on teens

Moblie phones or smart phones are the most important part of everyone life. Nowadays everyone have the mobile phones whether they are old or young. Moblie phones  have both positive and negative affect on person life. Student of age between 14-17 are using phone for a long time and which lead to the adverse affect on their body and mind.

Teenagers uses phone  for many purposes so are good and so are bad. There are many things on internet which are age restricted and many student see these types of  bad video and have negative affect on their minds. Many teens start smoking by seeing the bad things on internet. There are many cases in which teenager do crimes . In mobile phones there are many bad things like the teens started drinking alcohol . 

Due to the excessive uses of mobile phones eyesight is not good of many student. Proper growth of body doesn’t take place as they use phone sitting only at one place. Many of the student get addicted to mobile phones and destroy their future. Student losses concentration power because excessive use of mobile phones.

Mobile phones are having very bad effect on teenagers life . As due to mobile phones many teenagers destroy their life.

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