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Essay on health is wealth

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Essay on health is wealth

A healthy body indicates a healthy mind. A body is said to be healthy if it is physically, emotionally, and mentally sound. A person who has lost his health knows the value of good health. It’s the top secret that brings joy to our life. There is no happiness or success without maintaining fitness. The proverb “Health is wealth” clearly indicates that health costs more than wealth. A healthy person can do whatever he wants, but a person who has health issues will not be able to do everything as per his/her will even though he/she will be wealthy. However, he can buy anything with money but cannot buy good health.

A physically unfit man who has lost his health knows the value of being healthy. A person with a sound body does not need to waste his money on costly medications. However, a sick person needs to spend a lot of money on medications to get back his good health. Money is our basic need, and people from all categories, whether rich or poor, struggle very hard for it. Meanwhile, they ignore their health, and that is a big mistake. because once health is gone, it is impossible to get it back in the same fashion. They can’t do their work with the same rhythm and dedication. Also, they face a lot of problems in their daily routine. They become dependent on others for their requirements.
Daily exercise with a Morning walk is a good option to keep one’s body healthy. It accelerates blood circulation in our body. Daily 6-7 hrs sleep is also good for our health as it helps in increasing our concentration and efficiency. A proper diet is necessary for good health. A proper diet refers to a diet that is rich in a good quantity of nutrients and vitamins required to maintain a healthy life. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a good source of healthy, friendly nutrients and minerals. Junk food ruins our health. Eating junk foods constantly doesn’t benefit you. Rather make us internally weak and destroys our immunity.

So, healthy well-being is a serious matter of concern. We have to make our efforts to keep ourselves healthy. For that, always stay away from unhygienic places and avoid eating junk food. It will keep us physically and mentally fit. Healthy fitness is a blessing.

To sum up, healthy well-being is a serious matter of concern. If a person has health, he has hope, and with that hope, he can do everything he wishes and can achieve anything he desires. It’s, in fact, the root of all happiness and enables us to live a happy life. So, we shouldn’t take it for granted and must take good care of it.

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