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Essay on Laughter is the best medicine

Essay on Laughter is the best medicine

What is the most precious possession in one’s life? What is craved by people most? Of course, health and happiness. All your wealth and money are useless if it can’t provide you with health and happiness. In the modern era, life has become very much complicated and stress full. Gone are the days when our forefathers used to lead a simple life, free of worries and anxiety and used to eat healthy food and be happy in the company of their friends and family. But today there is competition everywhere and we all are running madly after time and money to achieve our ambitions. Today you can hardly see people around you with no strain of worry on their faces. It seems as if people have forgotten to laugh their hearts out.

People are spending so much on their medical treatment without realising the fact that one of the best medicines that they can get free of cost is laughter. Laughter is nothing but an auditory expression of several positive emotional states, such as joy, fun, pleasure, happiness, or relief. Laughter is a part of human behaviour regulated by the brain.

Laughter is a powerful remedy for stress, pain, worries, and conflict. It is rightly said that “Laughter is the best medicine.” It can increase your life span, help you achieve more robust immunity, and have a positive impact on your health in general. When you laugh, your body releases feel-good hormones called endorphins that act as neurotransmitters. These endorphins block out the negative emotions in you and relieve you of pain, stress, and anxiety creating a feeling of euphoria in your brain. Laughing also increases oxygen in our cells and increases blood flow. Laughing has myriad health benefits. Laughing releases toxins from our body promote creativity and help with problem-solving skills. It improves heart health, and mood and lowers blood pressure too. Research has revealed that 50% of cancer patients use humour as a type of therapy.

Laughter can alter the environment’s mood and atmosphere. It is contagious too. If you go to a place where someone is cracking jokes and making people laugh you also feel the positive vibes and become light and stress-free. Of late doctors and scientists have realised the power of laughter and they encourage their patients to laugh and enjoy life to get rid of their illness. Social activists are forming laughing clubs and creating workshops on laughter yoga.  The yoga therapists say that “Laughter is a skill that can be developed. So, you must practice laughter yoga with your friend and you will love it” These are just done to make people laugh and reduce the burden of stress and anxiety and lead a healthy life. Laughter is a powerful tool to heal the mind and body. Although laughter cannot be a replacement for proven medical therapies but certainly with a regular exercise and balanced diet laughter can do wonders to enhance your health in a fun way. By practicing laughing regularly, one can handle all one’s problems well. So, we conclude that apart from providing the proven health benefits, laughter will surely improve your happiness and quality of life.

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