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Practical knowledge is better than bookish knowledge

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Essay on Practical knowledge is better than bookish knowledge

Knowledge is the ideas or concepts gained by either practical ways or by using books, journals, magazines, etc. It is like a library where you store your ideas and use them whenever needed. Practical knowledge is gained by experience. The experiences are gained by various situations. Practical knowledge can cover bookish knowledge as well. Bookish knowledge is obtained by reading books.

Bookish knowledge can be gained by sitting in a library and reading books. Books are a wide source of information. They help you in getting base knowledge as well as advanced knowledge. You can get an overall idea by reading books. Books written by various authors can be helpful. because you can get various ideas. While writing a book, an author mentions his ideas. So various views can be obtained. While in practical knowledge, one has to get a part of a practical or physical object. The object can be expensive or cheap. But when a person interacts with that object. He disassembles the object, he can get a clear idea about the construction and working of that object. The various branches like medical field or engineering practical knowledge is a must. because they are going to handle live projects. The project may affect various lives.

However, if one reads a book first. He can get the base knowledge about the topic. He can get all the thorough information that he might not get practically. For example the processes in refrigeration and air conditioning. he can further visit the object and learn by practical means. This combination of practical knowledge and bookish knowledge will cause the overall development of the student in an optimum manner.

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2 thoughts on “Practical knowledge is better than bookish knowledge”

  1. It goes without saying that practical knowledge is better than bookish knowledge. Only a handful of people can opine that bookish knowledge is better than practical knowledge. Rest all will ditto the fact that ‘Practical knowledge is better than bookish knowledge’.
    Books, no doubt, are of great use. They provide us with different types of information. They are our friends in a real sense. They demand Nothing from us. They take us into a different world of imagination. They give us plenty of joy. We also learn a lot of knowledge from them.Good books to improve our standard of living. They tone up our intellectual Taste and make our Outlook broad.The console us when we are depressed. They encourage us when we are defeated. They inspire us to work hard with hope and courage. They remove our ignorance And add to our knowledge. They enrich our experience and share our intellect. Thus a good book is our true friend. It is a source of knowledge and pleasure.
    Bookish knowledge is good but practical knowledge is best. To prove this fact a number of examples can be cited. A child learns from a book that fire is dangerous. but when his finger gets burnt, he understands well that fire is really Dangerous. in this way he gets practical knowledge. We are taught that overeating is harmful. but when we eat something in more than sufficient quantities and fall ill, then we come to know that over-eating is really harmful. This is the second example to prove the usefulness of practical knowledge. We come to know through books that Himalaya presents very attractive sites. But when we go to a place situated at high altitude in the Himalayas region and behold the beauty of the place with our naked eyes, we get exhausted. This is the third example to prove that practical knowledge is better than bookish knowledge.
    Books, no doubt, are very useful for us. The usefulness of books can’t be questioned. They are indeed a source of great joy. They act as guides too. They give us advice and teach us some valuable lessons. They make our outlook broad. They are a source of information and knowledge. When we are in sorrow, books inspire and console us. When we go through nice books, we get lost in studying them and We are transported to another world and forget the worries of life for some time. It is a book through which we collect information from different fields. By going through books, some become doctors, some become engineers, some become teachers and some become advocates.
    Thus we see that bookish knowledge is good and useful for us. Some people may be in favour of bookish knowledge. but most people will surely favour the statement,’ practical knowledge is better than bookish knowledge’. Practical knowledge makes us wise and alert. It makes us careful. It shows us the right path and so we move on carefully. Due to practical knowledge, we became able to differentiate good and bad. It is practical knowledge which enables us in knowing what is truth and what is untruth. knowledge gained by practical experience is permanent. It is seen that the knowledge we gained practically stays for a longer time in our mind. Therefore we can conclude by saying that practical knowledge is better than bookish knowledge.


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